SEO Essentials: Things One Should NOT Forget While Doing SEO

SEO is a buzzword being used frequently on the internet. And why shouldn’t it be, effective search engine optimization is probably the most important of all internet marketing tools and gives very good results when an SEO campaign is run properly.

There are a number of SEO strategies that you should not forget to implement when running an SEO campaign. These SEO tips experimented by most SEO specialists will ensure that you get the best possible results from your SEO campaign.

1. Good Keyword Research

  1. People use certain keywords to look for info on the internet. Getting the right keywords with an appropriate keyword analysis for your website is probably the most essential to receiving targeted visitors from search engines.
  2. Use online tools such as Google Keyword Tools to come up with keywords for your site which have a good number of searches every month without very high competition. Then implement them in your web pages, keeping the keyword density between 3 to 5 percent.

2. Building Backlinks

  1. Backlinks are a key factor in search engine optimization. They assist in increasing your site’s page rank and get you better rankings.
  2. The best way for building quality links is to publish guest posts on blogs with a relevant niche. For this, you can hire us for link building services.
  3. You can start your link building strategy by submitting your site to various web directories and search engines.
  4. You can also participate in link exchange programs from reputable sites. Remember to stay away from link farms. Posting on forums and commenting on blogs is also a good way to build backlinks by including your site address in each comment.

3. Landing Pages

  1. When a visitor clicks on your site in the search engine results, they reach the page which is known as a landing page. This web-page should have the info that your readers are looking for.
  2. Remember to use optimized landing pages for each keyword instead of simply pointing your visitors to your site’s homepage.

4. Quality Content

The most important part of effective search engine optimization is the content. It needs to be informative, updated, and interesting or else the reader will lose interest in the website and not return. The same holds true for the search engine spiders. There are many reputed SEO companies that offer excellent content writing packages at attractive prices. Itechpool is one of those. Wo offer quality content writing services that attract the reader’s attention.

5. Directory Structure

A good directory structure is one that is rich in popular keywords. It helps you use better use of keywords and can help in achieving better search engine rankings. For instance, can be optimized for search engines by changing it to

6. File Name

Saving your web pages with the keyword as the name is also a good SEO strategy. It is simple and effective and helps to improve the page’s optimization.

7. Anchor Text

The text you use for linking to your site from another page should also contain the keyword that you have decided upon for that page. For instance, instead of using “More info” as the anchor text, use the keyword directly as the anchor text. It is a smart SEO tip to increase your link popularity and thus search engine rankings.

These are some simple yet effective SEO tips that you can incorporate in your search engine strategy to get more effective search engine optimization which gets you the results you deserve and hoped for.

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