SEO Hats – Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat

Ever used lots of keywords or keyword spamming in your content to get better website rankings? Watch out! Your site could soon be banned.

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important and crucial aspect of any online business that wants to do well. Without SEO, even your most brilliant products and services may never reach potential clients.

If you are an SEO specialist then you must know about that large number of techniques that are used for SEO which include both ethical search engine optimization which is appreciated by search engines, and also the unnatural search engine optimization techniques that are discouraged by the search engines.

1. White Hat SEO – The Recommended Way

White hat SEO refers to the SEO techniques which conform to the guidelines laid down by search engines and are considered as ethical search engine optimization techniques.

These include writing high quality and updated content, proper use of keywords and metadata, use of alt tags and descriptive file names, SEO link building including internal links, and other such SEO basics strategies which the search engines approve of.

In white hat SEO, the pages are built keeping the human visitors in mind. They do not try to deceive humans or search engines.

Implementing these natural search engine optimization techniques may take a little time and effort, but their results last a long time and you don’t have to worry about having your site banned by google or yahoo for use of deceptive practices.

2. Black Hat SEO – The Other Way

Black hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to all the unethical search engine optimization techniques which the search engines discourage.

These consist of keyword stuffing, hidden text, meta tag stuffing, doorway pages, hidden links, using link farms, cloaking, and other such search engine optimization techniques.

The pages in black hat SEO are built not for humans but for the search engine spiders. They are designed to get better rankings fast on major search engines.

The flip side is that they run the risk of being banned by the search engines once they are found out. Search engine majors like Google, Yahoo, and MSN believe that pages should be built for humans and provide them the information and data they are looking for.

By using Black hat SEO techniques you build pages for the spiders and in turn, give your visitors a bad experience.

3. Grey Hat – Choosing Between the Two

What SEO tactic you choose is entirely upon you. While white hat SEO will take you time and effort, it will give long-lasting results. On the other hand, black hat SEO will probably give you much faster results, maybe even getting you in the top slot, but runs the risk of getting your site banned from the search engines.

Standing in the middle, or using a mix of the two, can prove beneficial only if the amount of black hat SEO tactics incorporated in your search engine optimization strategy is the minimum basic.

As you increase your black hat tactics more, you increase your chances of being banned. On the other hand, using a few tactics to get quick results till your white hat SEO tactics start showing results may be okay if you are sure to remove the black hat techniques soon.

But if you can, it would be best to avoid all the black hat techniques and stick to ethical search engine optimization. It would give you good results that last longer.

Needless to say, an ethical SEO company will follow only white hat methods and you can blindly rely upon them with their organic SEO services to keep your websites upon grounds of ethical search engine optimization.

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